REALTORS Who Ignore This Opportunity Will NEVER Forgive Themselves... 


Real Estate Closings

by CJO Marketing

Hey Realtors! You can get 10-15 Appointments or Live Transfers with Hot Buyer Leads who actually WANT TO buy a home.

Real Estate Closings is a system designed to make real estate agent's lives easier by automating the lead generation and appointment setting process AND adding a human touch to it at the same time.

Due to the intricate processes required to deliver this service, we're only taking one client per area to ensure the full exclusivity of the leads.

How To Get Appointments on demand with Qualified Buyers Who WANT to buy a home AND work with a realtor...(and have the budget)

Why are some Realtors struggling to close one deal a month while others average 3-5 per month if not more?

Systems and automation is the answer.

Most Realtors are STUCK…unwilling to adapt to the modern (proven) way of growing a business…

Stubbornly leaving behind what could’ve been the one chance at prosperity.

Do they like spending hundreds or thousands every month in the Zillow,, and flyers with little to no return?

Do they like spending all day doing Facebook posts, Instagram Stories, TikTok, and staying on top of the latest social media craze, only to see little to no results?

Do they like sitting in an empty office afraid to pick up the phone and make some cold calls only to get rejected?

My guess is a resounding NO.

They just don’t know what they don’t know. They haven’t had anyone to ACTUALLY guide them through the process.

The process of getting appointments and live transfers with potential buyers on autopilot.

And the PROVEN way to get them to pre-qualify them before their appointment so they are happy to work with a realtor because they NEED help…

Wouldn’t it be nice to say goodbye to months with no closings?

Listen, I know what you're thinking right now. Your BS meter is probably going through the roof.

Another bunch of "lead gen" experts, you must be thinking. But we are far from that.

We create a real marketing strategy that actually delivers you live transfers and appointments with potential buyers on demand.

So that you can show up as a closer, help your clients find their ideal home, and make money.

Simple as that.


We don't work with everyone, but rest assured if you qualify for our program we will completely change the game for your business.

100% Safe, secure and confidential, your information won't be shared with anyone.

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